The Quit Kit | a strategic planning system to help you ditch the cubicle for entrepreneurship
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What if you could make passion your plan, build a business, and quit your day job within a year?

Sounds crazy. Wild. Untamed. Dangerous.

Sounds like something you desperately want.

Because if I know you at all… you’re fiery and creative, and dreaming of something more for your life than just showing up at a cubicle every morning, clocking in, and praying that something different will happen today.

Click click. 9:00 a.m. On the dot.

You’ve thought about quitting and doing what you really want, like contributing more good, and creating change, but you wonder…

Can I earn enough money?

Can I book enough clients?

Can I really make a living without clocking in?

You wonder if doing what you love is really POSSIBLE. (Sure, all of those picture quotes on Instagram are super cute).

Answer: YES. It absolutely is. I know because I’ve done it myself.

But I’m not here to give you peace of mind, or encouragement even.

You already know what you’re capable of.

(Time to introduce myself, I think.)

Hi, I’m Patrice Perkins, attorney and founder of Creative Genius Law®.

After working at my full-time gig for three years, I started planning my escape. Now, don’t get me wrong. I didn’t hate my job by any stretch of the imagination (and I know you’ve got an active one!). I loved it. But my passion for serving creative entrepreneurs and innovators was bigger.

patrice intro

Like you, I had a bigger mission in mind.

I wanted to work with creative entrepreneurs, exclusively, and help them make an impact on the world with their own brand of genius. To date, I’ve worked with several creative entrepreneurs in the startup phase of their business, and helped them take their first steps out of a “regular” job and into the big, exciting, unknown of starting their very own enterprise.

And that certainly is not easy. It took 2 years to plan my own 9 to 5 exit and I still didn’t feel “ready.” But thanks to my excellent strategy, and the tools I used to plan, I was successful. I’ve helped so many of my clients during the same phase of their business. Of course, I worked with them on the legal aspects, but I also saw how much they needed these tools as well. And since I don’t plan on switching my career path to “business consultant” I wanted to share my behind-the-scenes methods in a planning system with one goal two goals in mind – quit that job. Launch that biz.

The struggle of starting a business, quitting your job, and keeping it together is real.
So now, I’m here to help YOU.

Can you just imagine what life will be like when you’re running your dream business?

  • You feel genuinely proud of what you accomplish each day because you’re finally contributing in a way that feels important.
  • You are able to make your own schedule, and take ownership of your choices, because you are your own boss.
  • You enjoy the day to day tasks and feel inspired even when it gets frustrating because the endgame (making a real difference) is what truly matters to you.
  • You hire out any tasks that aren’t your strong suit, and truly work with your nature and focus on what you do best.
  • You surround yourself with people you adore because it’s your business and you get to run it your way.

Yeah. It will be incredible. And well worth the planning and preparation.
That’s what I want for you.

That’s why I created THE QUIT KIT™, your 12-month planning program to get you, step by step, from dreaming to quitting.

In addition to my personal tips and strategy, The Quit Kit™ includes:


to help you set clear intentions and map out your master plan to transition from employee to entrepreneur.


an action-inspiring manifesto that will keep you focused on your goal of quitting, because everyone needs a little motivation here and there!


THE 90-DAY MAJOR IMPACT PLAN where you actually take the action items from your list and create an action plan that focuses on the big ticket items first, so you can quit sooner instead of later. I’ll walk you through how to use your Major Impact List with this template to create a solid, prioritized 90-day plan.


for you to lay out and track your 90-day plan, and keep you on schedule so you can quit, quicker. You’ll identify and prioritize the most significant actions you can take to achieve your goals. After all, time is limited, so you want to spend it on the work that has the greatest impact. This list is critical to ensuring that you plan efficiently.


because starting a business takes massive creativity, and I want to make sure you’re capturing all of those genius ideas while still staying focused on your “major impact” tasks. This worksheet is there to hold all of it whenever you feel flooded with ideas.


for when you’re feeling scared, because major change is scary! In this worksheet, I’ll help you use your fears to strengthen you. You’ll walk away from this worksheet with a positive affirmation and a solid sense of your strengths.


to guide you through planning partnerships to keep you accountable to your goals! These will help you course correct for even greater success.


to reflect on your successes and celebrate your momentum. This is especially important during times when you can’t find your mojo.

PLUS, THE START UP KIT, a bundle of 15 LEGAL CHEAT SHEETS that break down (in plain language) the first steps you need to take with your business legally. They will help you minimize distractions by giving easy to understand reference sheets that address the major issues you need to focus on now. You won’t be buried with unnecessary information that will overwhelm you and take you off course.

CHEAT SHEET topics include:

  • business entities
  • collaborations and partnerships
  • legally hiring interns
  • independent contractors v. employees

Because I believe in taking action the cheat sheets are actionable and give you specific assignments to move your closer to your entrepreneurial goal. Even better, they are quick and easy reference sheets that you can keep in your arsenal and refer to as you reach the appropriate stage in your quit planning.

PLUS, every single worksheet, and page is a print-ready, fillable PDF.

So whether you prefer writing by hand, or by computer, THE QUIT KIT™ can accommodate you.

The best part?

The entire Quit Kit™ is YOURS FOR LIFE, and can be repeated, every 90 days, for as long as you need to feel comfortable and fully prepared – and even beyond. These tools will help you build and grow your business, and stay creative, focused, and strategic for as long as you need them!

Are you ready to feel confident, excited, and like you can make your dream happen? Because you can.

Can you imagine how it will feel when:

  • You know that even though you still have to go into work each day you’ve got a rock-solid solid quit plan you’re working on a consistent basis.
  • You no longer feel stuck because you’ve got a vivid picture of exactly what you need to do to step out of your job and into your business.
  • You no longer feel the pressure to work on your business all of the time because you can clearly see how a few hours a week will get you closer to where you need to be.

You can make The Quit Kit™ work for you even if:

  • You are already struggling with finding more time to get things done (because it’s flexible and designed to work within your lifestyle).
  • You’re too worried about whether you’ll have the money to actually trade your job for full-time entrepreneurship (because that’s the point of this strategic planning process in the first place).
  • You’re too distracted because your job stresses you and you haven’t been able to focus on anything else (because you’ll look forward to actively planning and taking important steps towards your business).
  • You’ve already got a business on the side and you think your “quit plan” is air tight (because having an objective, outside perspective and framework will ensure you don’t miss important steps and decisions along the way).
  • You’ve already read every book out there on starting a new business (because this isn’t a book, it’s an actionable planning system to help you take action based on what you’ve already done, or help you get started).

This investment to quit your job and change your life is just $97 (the cost of staying at your job past the expiration date is way more).

Simply click that cute button above to order your copy of The Quit Kit™. Once you complete your payment (all major credit cards are accepted), you’ll receive an email with all of your materials right away.

There are so many planners out there why should I choose The Quit Kit™?

I know because I happen to be journal and planner obsessed but this is actually not a planner.  It’s a strategic planning system. Plus, there are millions of planners out there but not one that actually gives you a framework to leap from 9 to 5-er to full time entrepreneur that can be used over and over until you quit.

Because The Quit Kit™ was designed specifically for this purpose you don’t have to waste time on the guesswork and can move more quickly (and strategically) towards your big goal.

Click BUY NOW and start your journey to quitting today.

p.s. I know firsthand that quitting your job is uniquely scary, so I’ll never deny that. Personally, I never thought that I would be “ready,” even after 2 years of prepping. This is why I know that having solid, reliable tools to walk you through the process is SO critical to making it happen. And your life and dreams are SO worth the preparation, the work, and the risk.

My mission is to help creative entrepreneurs, like YOU, believe that they can, abandon the starving artist mentality, leverage their creativity for cash, and build thriving, innovative businesses. I can’t wait to hear how The Quit Kit™ helped you leave your current job, and get your dream business off the ground. Let’s do this!

Ready, set, plan, quit.

Refund Policy: Because this is a digital download and you’ll have access to the materials right away, there is a strict no-refund policy.